Spotify Playlist Pitching

We send your song to curators who manage playlists with the appropriate number of followers. through the followers and the resulting monthly listeners you can generate your streaming numbers. Additionally, there is a high probability that you will generate followers and even fans. The placements are last for 3-8 weeks on average.

  • While we work with all genres, we will review every submission to ensure that they meet the standards required for a successful push. In the event that we unable to work with your music, you will receive a full refund.


Are the follower of the playlists real or fake?

  • Behind each stream, there is a real person. We put your song into highly frequented spotify playlists with the same target audience like you to gain your streams and followers.

How long does it take until my song is placed in the first playlist?

  • We deliver the first round of placements within 5-14 business days. Your dedicated campaign team continues pitching your songs until we fulfill your order

Select Total Playlist Reach

25.000 Follower = $69.99

50.000 Follower = $139.99

150.000 Follower = $299.99

500.000 Follower = $939.99

1 Million Follower = $1879.99